The importance of frameworks, libraries, and tools in software development.

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Many experienced developers know how to build something from scratch without using a framework and the solution just works fine. However, is this approach good in the long term?

I will be talking about my experience with frameworks, building greenfield projects, mentoring people, leading the development, and how important it may be to use a good framework.

What is a software framework?

A definition from Wikipedia says the following.

In computer programming, a software framework is an abstraction in which software providing generic functionality can be selectively changed by additional user-written code, thus providing application-specific software.

It provides a standard way to build and deploy…

When you need to display relative time from the past in a React application.

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Displaying relative time on websites is becoming more popular and is more convenient for end-users. WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, Uber, and probably most of the applications you are using on a day-to-day basis are displaying dates in a relative format.

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As a person who worked on a few startups, I am aware that the requirements change way too often.

Requirements change and you should be ready for that change

One day your team needs to build a feature A, the other day we need to build a feature B before A, the other week we need to change A to C, and B to D. The other month we need to change C to Z, Z to C, and C to z.

Me building a perfect architecture and then hitting a wall

When I was younger and less experienced in software development, I always wanted to have the perfect, most efficient, and most robust code. I couldn’t stand any code…

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You could be making your frontend application source code public by mistake with automatically generated source maps.

When you start creating your web application, you usually reach for some of the popular libraries or frameworks. For example, you could reach for the well known “create-react-app” CLI, which will do everything for you.

The CLI will generate bundle files automatically along with files called “source-maps”. Every time you make production build of your app, “” files are generated right next to your bundle files. Those are source-maps. They are created in the same folder as your bundle files, and when you do not pay enough attention, your code could be publicly available when you publish them to your…

VS Code & TypeScript

Generic type guards help us write better code with fewer bugs

I enjoy TypeScript and find the type safety to be a huge benefit to my code. However, Type Guards have been a feature that I was not completely certain of. A Type Guard allows you to check the type of a variable before performing an action. In plain JavaScript, it would look like the following

let pet = getSmallPet();  
// Each of these property accesses will cause an error
if (pet.swim) {
} else if ( {;

Set up: Configure our global TS

In this example, we will work with the following global augmentation, which is the only downside in this story.


Michal Szorad

In ❤️ with JavaScript, React and TypeScript. I enjoy writing clean code, contributing to open source and writing articles about software development.

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